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Study Tips

Make the most of your precious study time by utilising these tips for maximum effect. 



Chemistry is an exact science so be careful which words you use in your definitions. One word can change the meaning of your sentence. Make a note of all definitions for each chapter, check the marking scheme to make sure they match!


Can you teach it?

If you are struggling to learn a particular section of theory get someone to listen to your explanations of the topic. Practice teaching the theory to a friend or family member (give them a book to keep up). If you can teach it, you understand it and will not forget it!



Chemistry calculations can get confusing! The best tip here is to keep all the information clear and spaced out. Don't be afraid to use paper.


Analyse the question's information and write out (with labels) each piece.

Write out the formulas you will be using in the question.

Include the units.

Highlight your answers. 


Watch the calculation videos on this site to see examples.



Use this checklist to monitor your study.